↑↓?  ↓↑?


っております)。場所によって動線が異なるので、統一しないほうがいいという配慮が働いたのかもしれない。(写真は、新しく作られた頭上の表示が、実際の↑↓と一致していなくて、テープで隠されている例。) I always wonder why the up and down directions are different at different staircases and different stations: at some staircases and stations, people going up should keep left but at other places the sign says "keep to the right." It would be a lot easier if they are always the same no matter where you go. (The arrows in the picture are crossed out with tapes because they turned out to be the other way around.)
by arassoyo | 2005-09-28 09:32 | 場所 Place